Pennsylvanians for Welcoming and Inclusive Schools stands behind a Pennsylvania where lawmakers and school officials will support and promote inclusive school environments that reflect and celebrate the diversity of Pennsylvania’s student population and are safe and welcoming spaces for all students to grow, learn, and thrive. The PAWInS coalition commits to responding to book bans and censorship activity and policies that aim to stifle classroom speech and expression. PSLA is a founding partner in this coalition, which formally announced its launch in January of 2024. 



EveryLibrary is a nonpartisan, pro-library organization with an alignment toward sustaining libraries as they evolve and grow in the 21st century. EveryLibrary helps public, school, and college libraries win funding at the ballot box, ensuring stable funding and access to libraries for generations to come. EveryLibrary also fights censorship, promotes pro-library model legislation, and grows the national team of Americans who support libraries. With the support of Follett Learning, EveryLibrary and work with parents and local stakeholders to advocate for librarians and library programs. PSLA has partnered with EveryLibrary since 2017.




As one of 30 organizations, PSLA is partnering the Pennsylvania Public Library Association (PaLA) in its PA Forward state initiative. PA Forward is built on the recognition that Pennsylvania’s public, academic, and school libraries will power Pennsylvania’s future in helping people improve their literacy skills in five essential areas- basic literacy, information literacy, civic and social literacy, health literacy, and financial literacy. These knowledge areas are the key to our success as citizens, parents, students, employees, and consumers.



The Pennsylvania PTA has partnered with PSLA since the Pennsylvania School Library Impact Study of 2012.  Pennsylvania PTA Position Statement on Public School Library Programs