PSLA Committees

Committee Structure

  • Each committee will have two chairs plus a board liaison.
  • PSLA Members can volunteer to join a committee: Awards, Communications, Conference, Operations, or Teaching & Learning.
  • Task groups and coordinators work on a specific task or duty within a committee.  Committee members are free to join short-term or long-term task groups. 
  • Co-chairs will identify and advertise task group opportunities.

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Awards Committee 

Alice Cyphers  Anne Bozievich

Board Liaison: Samantha Hull 

Contact: [email protected]

Sample Tasks

Committee Members: 

PSLA Awards: Melinda Bender, Maureen Chilinkskas, Bernadette Cooke, Danielle Corrao, Sue Dahlstrom, Porshe Davis-Taylor, Kristin Douglas, Aimee Emerson, Marg Foster, Katie Hammond, Brooke Hauer, Deborah Hoover, Lori Jordan, Michelle Burns Jurkiewicz, Karen Leisey, Beth McGuire, Marie Mengel, Christina Peterson, Amy Pickett, Nadine Poper, Shannon Resh, Jamie Scott, Angela Tarr, Michelle Wells, Jennifer Wentling, Maria White

PYRCA: Melinda Bender, Maureen Chilinkskas, Sue Dahlstrom, Porshe Davis-Taylor, Tiff Emerick, Aimee Emerson, Kate Hammond, Deborah Hoover, Lori Jordan, Keith Koehler, Martha Lambertsen, Beth McGuire, Marie Mengle, Christina Peterson, Amy Pickett, Nadine Poper, Kate Ramos, Shannon Resh, Kristi Addleman Ritter, Ellen Stolarski (co-coordinator), Angela Tarr, Michelle Wells, Jennifer Wentling

 Communications Committee

Kim Mento Jenn Roth

Board Liaison:  Lauren Strohecker 

Contact: [email protected]

Sample Tasks:

    • Develop or curate the content of messages to be shared with Association stakeholders
    • Disseminate information using appropriate delivery platforms

Legislation Liaison: Deb Kachel (See below for information on the special committee: Local and State Advocacy)

Committee Members: Phil Burrell, Dustin Brackbill, Jackie Fulton, Barbara Tiger

Conference Committee

Executive Director of Conference

Sarah DeMaria Mary Schwander

Board Liaison and Vice President: Mary Schwander

Contact: [email protected]

Sample Tasks:

    • Planning Conference Schedule, Program, and Events
    • Registration
    • Sponsorships and Exhibits
    • Evaluation and Professional Act 48 Credits

Committee Members: Deborah Brown, Jayne Downing, Karen Fornari, Christopher Landes, Jennifer Nawri, Christina Peterson, Heather White

Task Coordinators: Megan Aranyos-Photography; Janice Conger- Makerspace, Unconference; Christy Hay- Swag; Krista Leonard-Exhibits; Tracy Nelson-Registration; Sandy Reilly- Conference Treasurer; Jenn Roth- College Awards, Conference 101, Unconference; M.E. Shenefiel- Technology, Program, Poster Session; Lisa Weiss- Author Signing, Unconference; Kathie Jackson- Exhibits, Unconference; Deborah Brown- Future Conference Planning/50th Anniversary; Christina Patterson- Surveys and Evaluations; Katherine Harris

Advocacy Committee


 Debra Kachel Aimee Emerson

This newly appointed committee spearheads PSLA’s local and state advocacy efforts towards passage of state legislation specific to school library programs, funding, and staffing. The work of this also addresses building coalitions, communicating legislative alerts, working with Quantum Communications and, and developing advocacy training, toolkits, and other communication tools as needed. The Committee is also responsible for the Take Action portion of the PSLA website.   

Committee Members:

Meghan Adams, Kim Borden, Vicki Dzwiewulski, Aimee Emerson, Brenna Estel, Cathi Fuhrman, Jillian Gaspar, Maureen Grace, Kelly Gustafson, Carol Heinsdorf, Nancy Henry, Lillian Hobbs, Deb Hoover, Catherine Horan, Samantha Hull, Nancy Latanision, Melissa Leonard, Kathleen Pagano, Amy Pickett, Rita Saylor, Ellen Stolarski, Barbara Stripling, Angela Tarr, Krystle Tiedeman, Megan Tressler, Carole Turk, Joyce Valenza, Ila Verdirame, Randi Wall, Jeanette Walter, and Lauren Zucker

Operations Committee


Jane Farrell Vickie Saltzer

Board Liaison: Caitlin Linsemann

Contact: [email protected]

Sample Tasks:              

    • Governance
      • Maintain, monitor, and update the official records (ex. Articles of Incorporation, Constitution and Bylaws), documents (ex. archives, mission, vision, and strategic plan) and inventory associated with the governing of the Association.
    • Membership
      • Maintain the official membership file and collection of dues
      • Advise the Board on matters related to membership structure and dues
      • Collect data on the status of school library programs within the Commonwealth
    • Leadership Development
      • Identify and develop leadership within the Association
      • Conduct nominations and elections in accordance with the provisions in the Constitution and Bylaws of the Association

Affiliate Task Coordinator - Erin Bechdel

Archives Coordinator - Sara Webb   

Budget Coordinator and Association Treasurer - Jeff Weiss

Governance Coordinators - Sharon Breeden and Peggy Mourer

2022 Leadership Development Task Group - Vickie Saltzer and Jane Farrell Members: Robin Burns (Immediate Past President), TBD (Committee Co-chair) and TBD (Member-at-Large).. 

Membership Task Coordinators - Randi Wall and Lindsey Long -  [email protected]

Staffing Survey CoordinatorIla Verdirame[email protected]

Committee Members: Leslie DeVries, Bethany Lewis, Jeff Weiss, Jennifer Nawri, Catherine Horan, Bob McConnell

 Teaching & Learning Committee


Kevin McGuire Maryalice Bond

Board Liaison: Leah Lindemann

Contact: [email protected]

Sample Tasks

    • Develop, review and inform members about content related to teaching and learning
      • Curriculum
      • Standards (academic standards, program standards, certification standards)
      • Diverse Learners
      • Teacher Effectiveness
      • Digital Resources (apps, websites, management tools) 
      • Library Administration
      • Promotional Events
    • Deliver content related to teaching and learning utilizing various platforms

Committee Members: 

General Members: Erin Bechdel, Sarah Beckman, Lia Bell, Anne Bozievich, Jessica Brecht, Michelle Burns,Cathy Campbell, Kristen Crans, Sarah DeMaria, Kelsey DeStevens, Jane Farrell, Samantha Helwig, Beth Henry, Bethany Lewis, Beth McGuire, Kevin McGuire, Allison Mackley, Michelle Nass, Erika Rhodeside, Catherine Scholl, Penny Starr-Ashton, Kathy Stattel, Ila Verdirame, Cyndi Welsh, Lauren Zucker

Lit Review Task Group: Amy Pickett, Anne Bozievich, Annette Prezioso, Bernadette Cooke, Brent Pollock, Cheryl Guy, Cynthia Feimster, Danielle C. Corrao, Denise Medwick, Dustin Brackbill, Elizabeth Henry (co-chair publishers), Emily Hoffman, Erin Bechdel (co-chair conference), Erin Faulkner, Jackie Fulton, Janice Conger, Jennifer Nawri, Jillian Gasper, Julie Ritter, Krista Fitzpatrick, Lindsey Long, Marie Mengel, Mary Hyson, Maryalice Bond (co-chair communications), Melissa Johnston, Melissa Scott, Nancy Nadig, Rachel Burkhouse, Samantha Hull, Sarah Strouse, and Susan Kidron.

Teaching and Learning Standing Task Group - Leadership Academies - Project Director, Dr. Yvonne English Roebuck