PSLA Resources

Handout: “Why Certified School Librarians are Essential” (PSLA, 2020)

21st Century Job Description: School Librarian (K-12)  

PowerPoint: "Your Principal Partnership: Communicating Library Program Success is Key to Your Success" – Complete resources for this 2015 AASL Conference session at the PA School Library Project LibGuide. Presented by Dr. Mary Kay Biagini and Debra E. Kachel

PDE Resources

Pennsylvania school library curriculum - Model Curriculum for Learners in PA School Libraries[For grade level bands and more detail, click here]

PDE certification guidelines: CSPG 48 - Library Science (Modified: September 1, 2019) which includes, “The local education agency (LEA) must employ at least one (1) certified Library Science educator when providing a school library program.”


AASL Resources

AASL School Leader Collaborative
Pennsylvania principal and PSLA member, Kelly Gustafson, was one of seven administrators
chosen nationally to participate in AASL’s two-year initiative called the AASL School Leader
Collaborative. Here are the three videos they have produced.

The AASL School Librarian Job Description 

School Librarian Interview Question Matrix 

School Library Program Evaluation Checklist

AASL Standards resources for Administrators

Moreillon, J. (2020, May 4). Advocacy Tools from the AASL School Leader Collaborative. School Library Leadership Blog.

Infographic: School Librarians as Learning Leaders  with Tips & Scenarios for Using the "School Librarians as Learning Leaders" Infographic  

Toolkit: Pre-Service Toolkit for Principals and Teachers (AASL Educators of School Librarians Section, 2016)

Infographic: Strong School Libraries Build Strong Students

Infographic: School Librarians Transform Learning  

Other Resources

ALA’s Frontline Advocacy for School Libraries Toolkit

Videos aligned to AASL Standards by the Tacoma Public Schools Librarians

Video: Libraries in the Internet Age (Common Craft, 2015) 

Video: School Library Story: When libraries thrive and when they crumble (Joyce Valenza, 2013) 

Article: “The School Librarian: Your Ultimate Digital Resource” (Doug Johnson in Educational Leadership, February 2019)

School Administrator Toolkit: A Guide for Hiring School Librarians by the Texas Association of School Library Administrators  

Article: “Why School Librarians Matter: What Years of Research Tell Us.” Phi Delta Kappan, by Keith Curry Lance and Debra E. Kachel, March 26, 2018

NASSP Blog: The Nonnegotiable Role of School Librarians (February 6, 2020) 

White Paper: School Librarians: Agents of Change – Best Practices for Partnering with Administrators and Advocating for Students (Gale, 2018)

Infographic: “Roadback to Student Success Through Your School Librarian”  Created by the New Jersey Association of School Librarians, 2020 

Blog: “Coleading Alongside Principals” in School Librarian Leadership by Judi Moreillon, October 22, 2018